Calculators for Upper Level High School and College Mathematics



1.    Introduction
   Things to do before you

     Adjust the contrast
        Find the HOME screen 
        Set the clock
        Record your ID number 
        Check out the MODE key
        Set the DEFAULTS
        Turn off the desktop APPS
        Use the APPS key

2.  Working from the
        HOME Screen

     Tabs from HOME screen
      I don't see decimal answers!
      Expanding expressions
      Factoring polynomials
      Solving equations
      Finding zeros
     Dealing  w/ unexpected answers
     Cleaning the screen quickly
     Dealing  w/ calculator hang up
3.  Introduction to

      Tabs from the Y= screen
      Set the window
      Evaluating specific values
      Defining functions





4.   More Graphing
       Tabs from the Graph screen
       Piecewise defined functions
       Algebra of functions
       Composition of functions
       Inverse functions



5.      Limits
     Limit command
     Limits approaching infinity
     One-sided limits


6.      Derivatives
      Differentiate command
      Second derivative
      Derivative at a specific value
      Use of parameters
      nDeriv command
      nDeriv at a specific value
      Formula used for nDeriv


7.    Maximum and

      Max/Min from HOME screen
      Use of the "with" bar
      Maximum from Graph screen
      Minimum from Graph screen


8.        Integrate
       Integrate command
       Find numerical values
       Find antiderivative
       Find antiderivative + C
       nInt command



9.        Other
       Send/Receive programs (.pdf)
       Send/Receive OS (.pdf)
            (Operating System)